Virtual Canada

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Welcome to my country via The Virtual Canada eBook. I had a lot of fun making this one, getting to explore my own country coast to coast in every season! With the experience I gained from digital video production on the Ancient Wisdom CD-ROM, I got a grant from Bell Canada at a time when video over the internet was just in its infancy. This was long before YouTube was born, and the telephone company was trying to explore ways to get people to sign up for high speed internet access. So they gave us money to get the ball rolling!  Video over the internet killed the CD-ROM format and it was time to move to the online platform.

Virtual Canada is a two-part production consisting of a one-hour television special and a 235 page electronic PDF book that’s loaded with rich media. What you’ll find here is basic travel information, especially designed for someone that has never been to the destinations that are included in this electronic PDF book. We built a website called Virtual Canada and sold the eBook as a digital download.  We never really made that much money on the eBook – but the Canadian tourist board ended up licencing all of our videos for their tourism website.

The one-hour special touches down in each of the province’s main attractions, but another three hours of footage, divided into 133 video clips, hundreds of Virtual Reality panoramic photos, and numerous qualified web links can be accessed online from the interactive electronic PDF book.

You can see a sampling of these video clips in the video section of this website under the Canada listing.