The Portal to Ascension Conference in Irvine, California, Features UFO Disclosure, ETs, True World History, Ascension

Ancient Civilizations, True World History, Extraterrestrial Awareness & The Evolution of Consciousness: The Portal to Ascension Conference is a revolutionary 3 day gathering in which we will delve deep into esoteric, revolutionary and conscious information that will create a paradigm within the years to come.

Featuring over 20 amazing presenters including:
Billy Carson
Robert Schoch
Grant Cameron
Paola Leopizzi Harris
Jordan Sather
Justin Deschamps
Teresa Yanaros
Reinerio Hernandez
Alan Steinfeld
Tricia McCannon
Robert Perala
Jonah Bolt
Jason Quitt
John DeSouza
Chireya Laura Fox
Erica Lukes
Joan Hangarter
Meg Benedicte
AND Sound Healing With:
Mark Peebler
Torkom Ji
Peter Sterling
Evan Perman
Arjan Lin
Kiyoshi Shelton
LightBody Sound LLC
AND conscious vendors
What was once hidden is now becoming mainstream. With the increased awareness of consciousness and advancements we are uncovering the truth to our existence. Who are we and where did we come from?
The Portal to Ascension Conference will provide full spectrum awareness:
UFO Disclosure
Ancient Civilizations
True World History
Black Op Projects & DoD
Whistleblower Testimony
Self-Empowerment & Vibrational Tuning
Chakra Activations
Sound Immersions
The Didgeridoo Experience
The Gong Experience
Extraterrestrial Races & Awareness
Where We Came From
Advanced Technology
Plant Medicine & Consciousness
The Ascension
Register and join the conference on October 5th – 7th, 2018
 Attend Live or Via Livestream.
Some of our speakers…
The Crystal Sun, Ascension & Forbidden Knowledge
The Cycles of Time, The Rise & Fall of Civilization – 12,000 Years Ago
UFO Disclosure Timeline, Updates & ET Consciousness
Mayan Prophecy &
The Fifth Sun
4Bidden Knowledge


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