Hiking Tours in Valais, Switzerland

A warm welcome to the mountaineer’s paradise in an impressive hiking region par excellence. Enjoy one-day hikes, or tours that take several days, in a domain ruled over by 47 four thousand metre peaks. You will cross glaciers and discover a number of alpine valleys and the genuine romance of mountain huts on this ambitious but enjoyable approach to the summits. The tour repertoire includes classic stages and trendy new ones. Valais on tour – where the world lies at your feet!

Legendary classic tours
Those who wish to put both physical and mental effort into a walking tour, will encounter an inexhaustible source of challenges in the Valais mountain kingdom. Praised throughout the world, our holiday region awaits you with classic tours such as the Europa route and the Mont Blanc Tour. Or how about:

The Monte Rosa Tour: this demanding route, under the spell of the Monte Rosa massif, has attracted enthusiastic mountaineers since summer 1994. The 160 km long mountain route is well-signposted and leads through sweet smelling larch forests and a variety of vegetation zones. During the 9 – 10 day tour, participants will come into close contact with captivating four thousand metre peaks, will cross numerous passes and the Italian high mountain chain. The 2-day King’s stage lies between Zermatt and Grächen.
Matterhorn Tour: In 8 daily stages tour lovers will negotiate 6 valleys, 2 glacier crossings and many passes. The “Matterhorn Tour” takes you through 3 countries and thus promises a breath of international air. The tour around the Matterhorn was opened in summer 2002 and the landscape is unbeatable. The alpine hiking route crosses magnificent alpine meadows overlooked by 20 four thousand metre peaks and is already considered as a classic by tour connoisseurs. It is a route that combines history, culture and cuisine in harmonious style.

New Trendsetter
2004 is the “walking year”. Valais turns up trumps in this respect as, alongside the opening of the Great Saint Bernard Tour (21 – 26.06.04) and the Lakes Tour (21 – 27.08.04), there is an additional hiking novelty well-worth trying: the long distance hike…
… Great Saint Bernard – Emosson – St. Maurice: this highly varied distance path threads its way through an impressive mountain world rich in unspoilt nature. The 5 daily stages take hikers over 6 passes, through 4 valleys and alongside a wealth of natural, cultural and historical sights. Breathtaking views of Mont Blanc, Trient and the Dents du Midi massifs are the reward for challenging climbs. The journey on the steepest funicular in the world, Le Châtelard, as well as the cultural and historic towns, bring contrast and memorable moments to the daily stages and shape the hiking tour into a harmonious entirety.

Tour Guide, to order at the same time
Valais Tourism recommends the ultimate Tour Guideline… to leaf through in comfort, to find new tour ideas or to clarify last minute details. The revised new edition of this popular reference book provides short, graphic information on 24 selected Valais tour highlights – for reasonably fit to very experienced hikers. With it your hiking tour will be a great success!
Be guided by your feeling for the greatest! Valais guarantees hiking pleasure to your heart’s content.

Valais Tourism

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