Sail to Cape Horn – South America’s Last Frontier

Cruceros Australis announces new off-season sailings out of Ushuaia in September of 2004. The three-day cruises include a disembarkment at Cape Horn with a visit to the Cap-Hornier which honors sailors lost attempting to surround the cape.

“This past season our demand has been so strong that we opted to extend the season on both ends with a very special value product,” states Jorge Rodriguez. The departures are offered on September 14, 17 and 20 of 2004. The three day/three night itinerary is called “Cape Horn and Glaciers.”

Rates for these itineraries are $490 for B cabins, $650 for A cabins and $690 for AA cabins, all based on double occupancy. These sailings are all-inclusive with all meals, drinks, expeditions, taxes and port charges included.

Included in the cruise is an expedition to Orange Bay, and excursions and disembarkments at two of the most impressive glaciers in Tierra del Fuego—the Pia and Garibaldi glaciers. Passengers will have the opportunity to explore the unspoiled territory of Southern Tierra del Fuego where these glaciers stand out as two of the most remarkable sites with a backdrop of the very end of the Andes mountain range.

Please call 877-678-3772 for information and reservations. Visit the company’s website at or e-mail

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