Over Seven Million Winter Travelers Headed for Argentina

Argentina’s arms are wide open to welcome at least 7.35 million tourists anytime soon as scores of trippers are expected to bring down the house in local resorts for the beginning of the summertime season in the southern hemisphere. For many experts, this is clear sign that the consumer index is back on track, let alone mighty fuel for the nations economic powerhouse.

According to estimates reckoned by Argentinas Tourism Department, the number of trekkers this summer will be up 5 percent from last year, while the overall amount of sunbathers all through 2004 will spike 18.5 percent from 2002.

The local travel market hit hard by the crisis of the late 2001 that crushed consumption altogether and shot up unemployment and poverty levels to new record highs- was somewhat soothed by the end of eleven-year-old one-on-one parity between the U.S. dollar and the local currency, a situation that eventually discouraged trips overseas and made nationals zero in on their own turf.

Top destinations this year will once again be the skiing stations scattered all across the Andean Mountain Range, where officials expect to see a 25 percent increase triggered by larger number of travelers coming in from neighboring nations, a region in which Argentinean authorities have stepped up their promotional efforts.

Authorities in Bariloche, considered the capital of Patagonian wintertime tourists, expect to have sellout crowds in each and every resort with, a good deal of Brazilian visitors tickling in.

In the same breath, tourists drawn by Buenos Airess nighttime shows and cultural functions have already booked 80 percent of hotels in the nations capital.

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