Peru event fails to meet tourism projection

THE GAMES have ended but Peru’s tourism expectations for soccer tournament Copa America have not been met, Gestion newspaper reported. Gerstion newspaper said Peru’s tourism organization, National Chamber of Tourism estimated, had predicted approximately 20,000 foreign tourists attendees to the games.

While Peru’s government claims to have spent close to $14 million preparing for the tournament, including upgrading stadiums and event advertising, the president of the Organization Committee of the Copa America, Arturo Woodman, said tourists only spent $25 million, according to the newspaper.

A mere fraction of the estimated $80 million tourists spending for the three-week tournament. 

Copa America’s 26 games, which ended Sunday with Brazil emerging as the victor for the cup, showcased national teams from 12 Latin American countries, Gestion newspaper said.

Tourism is a major contributor to Peru’s economy.  It was the country’s third-biggest producer of revenue in 2003 behind gold and copper sales. (with wire inputs)

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author: Nelson Alcantara

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