Nepal Tourism Growth Continues but Less in the Arrivals of Indians

The total tourist arrivals in May have reached to 22,278, an increase by 22% with net arrivals of 4054 compared to the same month of last year. The third country tourist arrivals have registered a healthy growth of 48%, keeping almost the same trend of previous months of this year. Indian tourist arrivals have also recorded positive growth, but with just 2%, not remarkable as in the earlier months. The third country major tourist markets have been promising for this month too, which has been a great source of inspiration with the possibility to enlarge the arrival figure for the future, subject to domestic stability and aggressive marketing in those respective markets.

Indian tourist arrivals have grown up by mere 2 % in the month of May, the first single digit growth witnessed in this year. The pace of steady growth has been broken by the uninterrupted disturbances caused by the frequent Bandhs, demonstrations and the suspension of the travel plans by the Indian nationals due to their national election.

China has also recorded a substantial growth. The arrivals from Japan, ROC (Taiwan), Bangladesh, Israel and Pakistan have shown positive growth by 24 %, 190 %, 9 %, 4 % and 47 % respectively. Sri Lanka has recorded negative growth of 12 %. Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea and Thailand have, first time, been brought into countrywise analysis, which previously used to be included in “others”. These four countries have market share of 5 % and India alone has 47 % in this month.

The major long haul markets like France, Germany, UK, USA have recorded remarkable growth. Arrivals from France went up by 56%, Germany 75%, UK by 41% and USA by 35% respectively. The Austrian, Italian, Dutch and Spanish arrivals grew remarkably by 114%, 122%, 162% and 77% respectively.

One of the main reasons of this growth is trekking as May is considered to be the last month of trekking season in Nepal. The participation in ITB Berlin and wide coverage of Nepalese tourism industry in media has contributed substantially in the growth of third world tourists in Nepal. Direct flight between Nepal and Malaysia has made it possible for the growth of Malaysian tourists in Nepal. Although there were many bandh(strike) in the month of May, it did not deter adventure seekers who came to Nepal to enjoy its pristine beauty. Sales Mission taken by Nepal Tourism Board in close cooperation with various tourism association has led to the growth of tourists in Nepal.

Compared to May 1999 figures, the arrivals in May 2004 is still down by 42%, the earlier year had recorded the highest number of tourists in Nepal’s tourism history. The total air arrival in May 1999 was 38,632.

Highlights: International Visitor Arrivals for the month of May 2004
. India up 2% to 10,407 visitors
. Japan up 24% to 784 visitors
. USA up 35% to 1,360 visitors
. UK up 41% to 1,395 visitors
. France up 56% to 652 visitors
. Germany up 75% to 778 visitors – your news source for the travel and tourism industry.

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