Nepal Set to Launch Birdwatching Festival

Aqua Bird Unlimited Camp (ABUC), with the support of Nepal Tourism Board and Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation, is going to organize Migratory Bird Watching festival for one week at Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve (KTWR) in the eastern Nepal from February 1. Record shows that 465 different species of birds are found in KTWR. Out the 29 rare birds in the world, 19 are found in KTWR. The environment of Koshi Tappu is considered to be the best in Asia for bird watching and carrying out research on the birds. KTWR is also a fertile breeding ground for various species of migratory birds that fly to Nepal from as far as Siberia, Magnolia, Tibet, Sri Lanka and other European every year.

Interesting fact for the nature lovers, KTWR is also the home of 21 species of invertebrates, 77 species of butterflies, 177 species of fish (91 resident, 21 local migratory and 5 migratory), 11 species of amphibians, 34 species of reptiles and 31 species of mammals. ABUC has been organizing Bird watching festival in KTWR since 2000. The festival has be successful to attract lots of foreign and local bird lovers to KTWR promoting Nepal as a destination for bird watchers around the globe.

By Pankaj Pradhananga – your news source for the travel and tourism industry.

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