Disco: The Nepalese way

As the day turns to dusk and the streets of Nepal blaze alight with bright neon signs, particular names like Spin! Fire! Funky Buddha Bar! Bamboo! etc are unmistakably detectable. These kinds of pubs and neighbors, in the past few years have cropped up in the city at a steady pace. Gone are the days when one had to visit a pizza joint or an ice-cream parlor to have a swell time with a bunch of friends.

imageToday people cruise in their newly acquired modes of conveyance, getting ready to hit the hot nightspots. Nightlife in the city has already become a hip trend for the people of Kathmandu. Though it is a bit of surprise that the disco culture, having been in existence for decade elsewhere has only recently picked up over here.

Maybe, many parents grudgingly disapprove of their offspring going to such places. These hubs are considered by grown-ups and intellectuals to be a safe haven for drugs and prostitution. But once in a blue moon everybody gets are urge for a bit of nocturnal adventure and surprisingly the attitude has changed quite a lot in the past years. But it cannot be neglected that the worsening situation of the country has contributed negatively to the club-scene in Nepal. People aren’t as keen to go out during the evenings as they were before and the clubs have had to come up with counter measures to survive.

They have either been cutting down the entry charge to a bare minimum or organizing different events to keep the wheels rolling. However, after the last cease-fire, the security conditions have improved considerably inside the valley and partygoers are starting to feel more confident. With satisfactory improvements starting to take place again in the clubbing-scene of this tiny Himalayan kingdom, the government has added a few new rules which may very well bring this industry to it’s knees, yet again.

According to Madav Khattri, an inspector of Nepal Police, ” We have applied this new rule to close down the discos and pubs by 1:00 am because of the security problem. We also don’t have any tension to poke our nose in anyone’s personal life but our duty is to provide securities for these people. So, this new rule is activated in order to maintain peace in the city.”

Although these policemen struggle to provide tight security and peace for the local people, the business holders have their own problems.

According to Neeraz, owner of Station Pub, the whole thing is not good because most of the people start coming to our place from 10 pm onwards and I bet they will also not enjoy 2-3 hours of stay. The main thing we need is a system, which does not allow underage youngsters to hang out in these places. Because adults know to handle themselves and control whereas teenagers are more vulnerable of going haywire.” There are lots of discos in town and most of them are filled by youngsters below 18 years of age. If we also notice most of the fights occur when teenagers are definitely the ones with full enthusiasm yet lacking self control. Mandil of partynepal.com, a frequent party and event management company, says “This really doesn’t make any sense because any crime that can happen after I am can obviously happen before I am. In today’s world we need the freedom to party.”

By Birendra Saraogi
eTN Nepal

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