I like most music, from classic to rock to rap! But when it comes to relaxing, I prefer “world” music that features soft drums, flutes, chimes, crystal bowls etc. International music like all the selections in the Buddha Bar set of CDs moves me, and the songs can be instrumental or in any language. I’m not a big fan of country music, but get me in a saloon with a good country or blue grass band and I’ll be stomping’ with the best of them! (Though I’ve learned to stay off the mechanical bull!)

Although I’m not a professional singer, I’ve done a bit of singing on TV shows and have played the piano in dining rooms, lounges and at parties.

If you are into the concept of meaningful co-incidences, here is a song I recorded for the credit roll of a documentary we produced about Carl Jung, the man that originally coined the term,  “Synchronicity.”

The song is called “A Thought Inside Of Me.”