The Spring 2004 launch of The Korea National Tourism Organization’s Worldwide H2 (High Impact-High Profile) marketing campaign has already impacted Korea’s tourism industry with dramatic results. “This is a banner year for Korea with our August 2004 R.O.K.IN` THE BOAT event launching the high-profile Golf and Fish Korea customized travel package through JP Cone, President of Celebrity Tours in Yonkers, New York,” said Yong-Ku Hwang, Executive Director of KNTO New York.  “Korea used to be called the best kept secret in travel.  This has all changed since the   leisure, meeting & convention, and educational, travel markets in the U.S. have discovered Korea.”   

The U.S. travel market is the third largest inbound market for Korea, with a 8.9% market share year-to-date, and is expected to grow as a result of the historical and pop culture ‘Korean Wave’ phenomena sweeping across the U.S.

According to our data, the number of the U.S tourists to Korea has increased by 32.9% during January through June of this year compared to the same period last year.

It is important to note that according to the 2002 Union of International Associations (UIA) statistics, Korea rates fourth among Asian countries and our capital city Seoul is second among popular Asian cities holding international organization meetings.

For further information, please contact Gregory M. Kelly, KNTO New York PR/MKT Manager, at 201-585-0909 or E-mail gregory_m_kelly@kntoamerica.com

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