Who will Save the Dead Sea?

Jordan has the distinction of being the lowest point on earth. It seems, however, Jordanians are overly enthusiastic about this record to the point where they are trying to stretch it even further by making it  the lowest point even lower! The Dead Sea, one of the world’s most prestigious and magnificent ecological and geographical localities is suffering from a gradual progressive decline in its level and a decrease in its surface area.

imageThe Dead Sea itself is the single most unique body of water on earth. Situated at the lowest point on earth, some 420 meters below sea level, its presence today evokes images of bathers floating effortlessly in its waters; tourists covered in its mysterious magical mud, or bottled bits of valuable salts sold around the world.

Several factors contribute to the decline of the Dead Sea level, most of which are human made and caused by non-sustainable modes of developmental activities mainly from industry, agriculture and tourism. The main cause is the increased rate of evaporation of the Dead Sea water compared to the decrease in feeding water influx from adjacent natural tributaries.

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By Yousef Hasanat
eTN Jordan

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