Jordan named Guest Country at AWTTE 2004

Jordan is to be the Guest Country at the Arab World Travel & Tourism Exchange (AWTTE), scheduled to take place at the Beirut International Exhibition & Leisure Centre (BIEL) in Lebanon, October 7-10. Under the arrangement, there will be a special focus on Jordan for the duration of the show, this year comprising an area of 114-sq-m. Not only will there be a number of promotional events and opportunities based on Jordan’s status as Guest Country, the Jordan Tourism Board (JTB) has also had the privilege of choosing a prime location for its national pavilion, and has elected to position itself at the entrance of the exhibition hall, thereby ensuring maximum exposure. 

Mrs. Alia Bouran, Jordan’s Minister of Tourism & Antiquities, will meanwhile make her first visit to Lebanon in her new role by attending AWTTE 2004. She will be accompanied by the JTB and a delegation of tour operators, travel agencies and hotels. All will be housed on the Jordan pavilion, featuring a brand-new, Jordanian themed design. The JTB will also host a dinner event at the Water Gate Park at Le Royal Hotel during the course of the event. 

It is a great honour and a privilege for Jordan to be the Guest Country at AWTTE. We have been supporting AWTTE for many years, always hoping for it to become the regional trade fair that it deserves, and above all, that Lebanon deserves, said Marwan Khoury, managing director of the JTB. I believe AWTTE is now well positioned to take the lead and establish itself as the region?s leading tourism trade fair.

April 2004 was a positive month for Jordanian tourism, with tourist arrival numbers up 43.3 per cent from 327,924 to 469,759, compared to the same month the previous year. Tourist numbers were up from all regions, with a growth of 124.7 per cent from the Americas, 109.5 per cent from Europe, 87.7 per cent from East Asia and the Pacific, 36.9 per cent from Africa and 17.8 per cent from Arab countries compared to April 2003. Tourism receipts were up 27.6 per cent in April 2004, compared to April 2003, and length of stay was up 25.5 per cent for package holiday tourists, from 3.28 nights to 5.07 nights.

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