Get Found in Translation! New Japan Tours Visit Scenes From LOST IN TRANSLATION Movie

Six Japanese tour companies based in the United States have created new Lost in Translation themed tour packages focusing on scenes and locations in Tokyo and Kyoto featured in Sofia Coppolas award-winning film.

“In the past, we have promoted Japans history and traditional culture, but these new tours showcase contemporary Japan,” notes Kunio Kishimoto, Executive Director of the Japan National Tourist Organization in New York. These new tours and packages highlight Tokyo as a dynamic and vibrant city with pockets of solitude — a place to have fun but also to discover and discover oneself. Travelers can peruse trendy shops in Roppongi, mingle with the pop-dressed youth in Shibuya, grab the latest electronics in Akihabara, and stay out all night at a Karaoke bar in Shinjuku. They can also walk through the Meiji shrine and gardens in early morning and soak up its nature and quiet isolation. Even in Kyoto, visitors can explore the 1600 temples and shrines by day and the bustling Gion area bars at night — bars that come alive behind the façade of ancient machiya or merchant houses.

Package prices start at $899 for 5 days, including 3-nights hotel in Tokyo and round-trip airfare from Los Angeles. (Airfare from New York is slightly higher). Packages including both Tokyo and Kyoto start at $1538 for 5-nights. A Tokyo/Kyoto Luxury package (3 nights Tokyo/2 nights Kyoto) including accommodations at the Park Hyatt Tokyo, where Bob (Bill Murray) and Charlotte (Scarlett Johansson) stayed and met, starts at $2,091. A super luxury package including Business class airfare, five nights in a Park Hyatt Suite room, massages, spa experience, breakfasts, dinner, drinks, tour and more, starts at $7,500.

Basic tour programs vary in the amenities they offer: Kintetsu International Travel Consultants includes a free map of Tokyo highlighting sites featured in the movie. IACE Travel includes a free “Lost in Translation Guidebook” and city motor coach tours — half-day in Tokyo, full-day in Kyoto, and a same-day, round-trip bullet train ride to Kyoto just what Charlotte did in the movie! Kintetsu, JTB and NTA America include a full-day escorted Lost in Translation Walking and Rail tour of Tokyo that ends with a tour of the Edo Tokyo Museum. (JTBs Kyoto option includes a half-day Kyoto walking tour.) Nippon Express Travel includes an escorted half-day Lost in Translation Walking and Rail tour of Tokyo. JALPAK International America includes a Nozomi super fast bullet train ride from Tokyo to Kyoto, a free dinner coupon for Shabuzen Shabu-Shabu Restaurant in Tokyo, a Kyoto Afternoon Tour, and Tokyo and Kyoto “Passnet” subway passes.

Departure dates and prices vary by company and season, but travelers can find an option departing as early as April 1, 2004 or as late as January 2, 2005. General Information about available packages can be found on the Japan National Tourist Organizations direct website link at:, but more specific details about individual tours can be had by contacting the respective operator directly.

Participating tour companies in alphabetical order are as follows:

IACE Travel
7-Days: 5 nights Tokyo with day trip to Kyoto
From: $1398
Departure Dates: Beginning April 2004

JALPAK International America, Inc.
7 Days: 5 nights Tokyo and Kyoto
From: $1358 (Basic); From $2,091 (Luxury)
Dates: April 1, 2002 Jan. 2, 2005

5 Days: 3 nights Tokyo OR 3 nights Kyoto
From: $899 (from $80 per person additional per additional night)
Dates: April 18 and 20; May and June departures being added.

Kintetsu International Travel Consultants
2 Great Packages. Beginning April 18 (Sun/Tues. departures) (basic)
5 Days: 3 nights Tokyo Basic Package — From: $899 (luxury)
7 Days: 5 nights Park Hyatt Tokyo Luxury Suite Package — $7,500

Nippon Express Travel USA
212-319-9021 (East Coast) or 714-521-2050 (West Coast) english/japanspecial/JPTour/lostintranslation.htm
5 Days: 3 nights Tokyo — From: $999
Beginning April 6 (Fri/Sat departures)

NTA America, Inc.
800-682-7872 or 201-325-8484 (in NJ)
5 Days: 3 night Tokyo — From; $899
Beginning April 18 (Sun/Tues. departures)

The following tour company is currently preparing a Lost in Translation package that will be available soon:

ANA Hallo Tours
800-258-8686, ext. 2
Dates, Days, Price: TBA – your news source for the travel and tourism industry.

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