With the summer party season quickly heating up, Tel Aviv has something new to add to a growing list of amenities no other vacation destination can offer. Located on the Tel Aviv Port, the Goldstar Wave Bar opened in June and instantly became the longest bar in the world, at 394 feet. The “art bar” offers visitors to The White City a selection of live music, entertainment, contests, food and drink. But vacationers, be advised: make it a point to stop there now, as the bar is only open during the bustling summer months.

Goldstar Wave seats 120, with additional umbrella seating along the water. The bar offers an appetizing range of food and beverage, including:

·        Ali Oli – tapas bar

·        Mama Mia – pasta bar

·        Pizza Meter – pizza sold by length

·        Sushi’leh – sushi

·        Bubbles Drink – fruit drinks

·        Culinary Bar – coffee and desert

·        Joey’s Bar – the famous Tel Aviv hotspot

The Tel Aviv Port is home to a variety of entertainment throughout the summer, including a festival of jazz music and flowing wine (New Orleans Selected Night) and acrobats traversing a tightrope suspended 328 feet over the ocean during the Wine on the Water event.

With 400,000 residents, Tel Aviv is the largest city in Israel. It is also the country’s social and cultural capital. Tel-Aviv’s beaches are among the most beautiful in the world, and the city offers some of the finest in art, music, dance, theatre, nightlife, fashion, and cuisine. For more information on Tel Aviv, including upcoming events taking place
throughout the city, visit http://www.tel-aviv.gov.il/english/

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