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Iran -Egypt not two mere names on the map but contained with ancient civilization and archeology. Both Muslim countries in the Middle East are grand powers among neighbors .The turning point in easing relation between two countries will affect tourism Market in Middle East region harshly damaged by 4 wars and political unrests since 1980. Diplomatic ties between Iran and Egypt were severed in 1979, the year in which Cairo signed a peace treaty with Israel while so far this cut of relation banned Iranian &Egyptian for visiting two countries. But trade and other ties have been improving since the 1990s, as Iran sought to improve ties with a number of Arab nations.

Egypt is the only Arab state with which Iran does not have normalized relations.

Matters took a definite turn for the better last month, when Iran & Egypt president met on the sidelines of a UN meeting in Geneva.

Then, on Tuesday, Iran removed a major sticking point to renewed ties. The Tehran city council, on the recommendation of the foreign minister, agreed to rename a street bearing the name of the assassin of former Egyptian president Anwar Sadat.

News says that Iran Foreign Minister Kharazi would deliver a formal invitation from Iranian President to his Egyptian counterpart, Hosni Mubarak, to attend a summit of eight Islamic leaders in Iran on February 19-20. Egyptian observers had suggested that a Kharazi visit could have provided a fitting occasion to announce a resumption of ties.

Jordan`s Queen Rania visits quake-hit Bam, southeast Iran

Bam, Kerman prov, Jan 7, — Jordanian Queen Rania arrived Wednesday at the airport of the quake-hit city of Bam, southeast Iran.
Queen Rania, accompanied by some officials with Jordanian rescue organizations, was welcomed by deputy of provincial governor general.
During her one-day visit, the queen is scheduled to visit a Jordanian field hospital, to see the remains of the Citadel of Bam, Arg-e Bam and natural disasters headquarters of the city which was rocked by a killer earthquake on December 26, killing tens of thousands of people.
On her arrival she called the event as regrettable for the region  and the whole world.
She stressed that the depth of the catastrophe requires  cooperation based on humanitarian principles regardless of language and race, adding that all people should make their efforts to make up the losses.

The queen noted that fortunately, the world has shown its cooperation to rebuild the city and help the quake-stricken people and that the city of Bam will be restored through the continuous cooperation.

Also a relief consignment carried by a Jordanian plane was  unloaded in the airport of Bam on Tuesday. The 20-ton aid included medical supplies, blankets and heaters for the survivors of the massive quake.

By Anooshirvan Honari
eTurboNews Shiraz, Iran

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