New Delhi installs tourist police

The Indian government announced it will install tourist police in New Dehli to ensure the safety of tourists. “To protect foreign tourists from harassment and cheating” are the main reasons why the measure is being implemented. The move comes after nearly four months following the killing of an Australian tourist near the Indira Gandhi International Airport.  Dawn Griggs (59) of Brisbane, Australia set out for India on March 17, on a spiritual journey.  Griggs was killed by a taxi driver, soon after she landed at Delhi airport.

The New Delhi police have come under fire for the crimes, but it has been the lack of action that has infuriated the travel industry as well as other local businesses, who wanted to prevent the city’s image from being branded as an unsafe destination for tourists. The police team will include a woman police officer and an English-speaking cop “for better interaction.” 

Tourist police will have special vans stationed at the airport, railway and bus stations, as well as popular markets, including Palika Bazar. 

Police spokesperson said the airport police teams will be on duty for 24 hours in three shifts, while other places will have tourist police presence for 16 hours in two shifts.

Tourist police officers will also be equipped with modern communication links to the local police.

Back in May, Police Commissioner KK Paul said the police “have done our best in every case” and blamed the rising crime committed against women on pornography.

author: Anil Mathur – your news source for the travel and tourism industry.

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