Iceland's Fire and Ice, Fjords and Geysers

Journey to the land of fire and ice on the Iceland: Fjords & Geysers trip with Natural Habitat Adventures. This one-of-a-kind adventure will introduce just 6 guests to the wonders of Iceland—an island rich in contrast and different from anywhere you’ve ever been. Geothermal and volcanic activity continue to shape its dramatic landscape of rugged mountains, emerald valleys, hot springs, and massive glaciers and quaint fishing villages dot endless fjords where a myriad of migrating whales and northern wildlife abounds. The exploratory adventure to one of our planet’s most fascinating and unique environments is for those intrepid souls who love wildlife and wild places.

Natural Habitat Adventures’ has created an itinerary that encapsulates the very best of what Iceland has to offer. The Colorado based travel company specializes in off-the-beaten path, small-group wildlife and natural history tours. The Iceland: Fjords & Geysers is billed as a Natural Habitat Adventures Exploratory Trip. These adventures are designed to take travelers to new and exciting destinations. They are often first time trips for Natural Habitat and tend to offer the type of thrill that is associated with the “unknown”. NHA has researched these destinations (sometimes for years) however the nature of these trips is that travelers should expect the unexpected.

The Iceland: Fjords & Geysers is a very exciting trip and takes people throughout Iceland to visit some of the most unique, unusual and spectacular destinations on the island. It’s an adventure that will capture the imagination and stir the soul. From the calving icebergs of Jokulsarlon to the volcanoes and calderas of Lake Myvatn this is a land of sharp contrasts, incredible diversity and spectacular and abundant wildlife. Each stop represents some superlative aspect of the region – Vatnajokull, Europe’s largest glacier, Mt. Hekla, Iceland’s most active volcano, Hindisvik, Iceland’s largest and most accessible Eastern Atlantic harbor seal colonies, and Husavik, the capital of European whale watching.

What sets the adventure apart from the ordinary is that it offers travelers opportunities to visit the very best of Iceland in one comprehensive trip revealing the continent’s true wonders – from the legendary glacier-capped peak of Snaefellsjokull to the powerful glaciers, turbulent waterfalls, lush birch woodlands, and vibrant wildflowers of Skaftafell National Park. The 12-day itinerary led by Natural Habitat’s guides offers a truly unique and comprehensive look at the very best of Iceland’s diversity of landscapes, ecosystems and abundance of wildlife. It quite simply offers an experience like none other of region’s natural attractions.

This year’s trip dates are September 5th-September 16th, 2004 and May 22nd-June 2nd and August 28th-September 8, 2005. The 2004 trip fee is $4,395.00 per person based on double occupancy. For details on this trip or other worldwide wildlife adventures, contact Natural Habitat Adventures, at (800) 543-8917 or visit their web site at – your news source for the travel and tourism industry.

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