Welcome! I’m thrilled to introduce to you my latest TV series called Outta Town Adventures. 13 Episodes have already been produced and have run in a few markets, and I’m busy traveling and filming for Season Two. On another tab on this website called “About Bea,”, you can find information for this new series and also my previous travel shows called Timeless Places and Passport to Adventure.

On this website, I add interesting travel news pieces and also feature over 300 video clips from all over the world. This is a place I hope you will enjoy exploring to add to your idea of what lies out there – waiting for you. Use it to plan your next vacation or just sit back and join me on the journey. I have travelled  around the world for so many years  and am so happy that something I love doing is actually my career. Throughout, I have found that we all have so much in common, and I have dedicated my career to the concept of “peace through tourism.” As we travel, meet people and learn about each other, we can see how these common threads of the goodness human nature bind us together in wonderful ways. I hope you will join me in celebrating that.