Forum International Adds to Its Tempting Galapagos Islands Offerings

Due to high demand and the popularity of its unique programs, Forum International is adding dates to its Galapagos Islands offerings, including an exceptional Iguanas and Incas program that combines the Islands with a week spent in Peru. The intrinsic uniqueness of the enchanted Galapagos Islands make this destination spot a must-see. Where else in the world can visitors find Antarctic fur seals living right on the equator, birds that swim but don’t fly and sunflowers that grow as high as trees? Six hundred miles off the coast of Ecuador visitors will find the magic of Galapagos, a natural museum of flora and fauna found nowhere else on earth. Covering an area of about 3,000 square miles, these 13 major islands and scores of smaller islets are officially part of the Ecuadorian National Park system and offer visitors an amazing glimpse of a different world.

Moving carefully and thoughtfully, island travelers can wander as an object of curiosity rather than fear, for the wildlife are fearless—although far from tame! Forum International guests will be enchanted by sea lions playing like kittens between water and land, mesmerized by tangles of marine iguanas climb to the cliffs while their large, land-bound cousins bask in the sun below, and entertained by the ritual mating dances of the blue-footed boobie and the Galapagos albatross.

Forum International provides numerous itineraries, including cruises in five different-sized yachts, and land-based offerings at first-class hotels. Guests can also experience the grandeur of Galapagos surroundings with high-class adventure by choosing one of the company’s adventure programs, which combine sightseeing with biking, whitewater rafting, or horseback riding. And each Galapagos offering includes opportunities to snorkel, hike, and explore all that this captivating destination promises.

The company’s Iguanas and Incas tour combines the Galapagos with Machu Picchu, the Lost City of the Inca. Guests on this tour arrive in Quito, Ecuador, the “Florence of the Andes,” for an overnight stay before flying to the Islands the next morning. Guests are met at the airport and transferred to an incredible yacht for eight wonder-filled days in these fabled islands. The cruise package includes accommodation on board the yacht, local transfers, all meals, shore excursions and guiding. Beverages and gratuities to the crew and guide are extra, as are the Galapagos National Park Tax and local municipal taxes.

All too soon, the Galapagos Islands half of the trip ends and the Peru program begins. After a night spent in Lima, with an evening free for exploration, guests head to Cuzco, the last capital of the Inca Empire sometimes called the “navel of the world.” Guided tours of Cuzco, the Sacred Valley of the Incas, and Machu Picchu fill the next few days, providing an intimate look at these historic treasures.

Forum International prides itself as the company that presented adventure, nature and cultural travel to America and introduced ecotourism to the world. In 1965 the company coined the word ecotourism and established the Four Pillars of Ecotourism:
* minimum environment impact
* minimum impact on, and maximum respect for, host cultures
* maximum economic benefits to host country’s grass roots
* maximum recreational satisfaction to participating tourists: come back a new person!

Since 1956, Forum has developed more than 1200 tantalizing, top-quality, but affordable nature, wildlife, cultural, fitness and health & healing adventures. For more information about any of Forum International’s Galapagos Island adventures, or any of the company’s other memorable offerings, call 925-671-2900 or visit

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