The USA is the Guest Country of the 7th edition of the Art History Festival in Fontainbleau, France

Rediscover American Art

The United States will be at the heart of the Art History Festival: conferences about artistic relations between USA and France, artists and collectors profiles, conferences about the place of the artist in the American society, about photography that mainly grew in the United States…
The “Lunches with a genius” will allow the festival-goer to a discover Mary Cassat’s, Cy Twombly’s and Edward Hopper’s universes.
The iconic artist, Jeff Koons will launch the Festival.

The Festival will treat American myths and masterpieces of the American art from  unexpected perspectives. In this spirit, Jeff Koons will be listened to for his important art collection, Andy Warhol will be presented for his role in the gay claim.

The Festival will propose a focus on the art of Edward Hopper as a source of inspiration for cinema, from Alfred Hitchcock to Jim Jarmusch.
The history of the Statue of Liberty or the skyscrapers will be told.

Nature and the United States of America

The links between the Festival theme and the host country are very strong this year. The USA being a country of wide and open spaces, nature was a very important source of inspiration for American artists. The Hudson River School, first school of American painting, paints landscapes. The Festival will focus on the issue of ecology in art, from Gothic ecology to Land Art.

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