Incoming with Ring-Tours Vision – 20 years already as a specialist for France

Ring-Tours Vision has been selling France for 20 years now to their international and professional clients in tourism in more than 60 countries. And they haven’t noticed time passing by  – so many things to do, to see, to hear, to taste, to feel and to offer across this beautiful country. It is like being in love for a lifetime. And they wish to share this love with their clients through their daily offers for F.IT.s, groups, special interest tours, incentives and all kinds of tailor made programs in France.

As a full service Destination Management Company Ring-Tours Vision provide incoming services all over France, including a large choice of hotels from 2 stars to luxury accommodations in chateaux. In Paris alone, there is an offer with more than 100 hotels with daily allotments, as well as a multitude of restaurants, cabarets, trendy places, sightseeing, multi-lingual guides and coach services.

It is out of question for Ring-Tours Vision to get old or old fashioned – and inaugures for the 20 years anniversary a new online-reservation system which keeps them and their clients young, dynamic and quick. And despite of their 20 years of existence, Ring-Tours Vision still feel young enough to be up to date and trendy in their offers and working procedures. No risk that they fall asleep, as their office is open 7 days a week, with an emergency staff during weekends and bank holidays.

Created in 1984 by Tommy Tascijevic, his multilingual staff of 35 persons is still committed to make France easy for the clients, to help save time and money by being on the spot and to offer competitive rates and excellent value for money thanks to their volume and daily allotments as a wholesaler for France.

For the 20 years anniversary, Ring-Tours Vision offers some special and original group programs like “Absinth and the Green Fairy” in Paris : meander between Absinthe’s myths and facts – no alcoholic drink excites the soul more today than Absinthe; no other drink gives rise to so many differing opinions and facts. And where better to do this than in Paris and Montmartre, where your clients will be taken to the nostalgic world of the Belle Epoque and its haunts? Where artists such as Toulouse-Lautrec and Van Gogh painted, lived, loved and drank Absinthe…where the dramas of poets such as Verlaine and Rimbaud were played out… Let your clients look behind the scenes of an epoch which moved people, hearts and worlds and whose spirit is still tangible and alive. And all of this set against the honourable backdrop of the Moulin Rouge – enjoy the world-famous film and world-famous show – Paris as a real feast for the senses! Other programs as “Paris and Amelie from Montmartre” and “The Perfume”, from the bestselling author Patrick Süskind invites the guests to discover Paris in an very special and different way. More classical, group programs like “Champagne, Fashion and Maxim’s” allows to enjoy the elegant and glimmery facets of Paris.

But anyway, with their long lasting experience, Ring-Tours Vision is able to create special programs and packages all over France to every clients needs and budgets. – your news source for the travel and tourism industry.

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