Excitement Mounts for Year of the Rooster

Lucky is the visitor who is in Hong Kong during Chinese New Year, the city’s biggest and most colourful festival! From 22 January to 12 February it will be impossible not to be caught up in the excitement … festive markets brim with auspicious foods and exquisite flowers, temples are crowded as prayers for good fortune are offered, the city is adorned with shock-red banners and lanterns, there are traditional performances and images of the New Year’s symbol – this year the rooster – will be everywhere. And then, on the big night itself there’s the much-anticipated Night Parade followed by one of the world’s most spectacular fireworks displays.




In spite of its modern world-city status, Hong Kong is deeply traditional, so it comes as no surprise that the city’s New Year celebrations are like no other. Preparing for and celebrating Chinese New Year is especially rich with ancient rituals and customs. During Chinese New Year, locals gather in temples to give thanks for the past year and pray for good fortune for the new one. And of course visitors are most welcome to join them. Food is an essential part of any celebration in Hong Kong, and Chinese New Year is no exception. Traditional foods carry special meanings and are believed to bring ‘prosperity’, ‘good business’, ‘luck’ and ‘reunion’. And of course visitors are most welcome to share and sample these foods with the locals … restaurants and hotels will soon be busy preparing their special offerings.

The new year season also brings heart-pounding horse races, which are so popular with Hong Kong residents. Again visitors are more than welcome at the track. Who knows, some of that prayed-for good fortune may be realised!

To encourage visitors to explore Hong Kong and its unique culture in depth, the HKTB has shortlisted 20 auspicious attractions around the city to help them spend Chinese New Year like a local and experience the characteristics of different districts. http://www.discoverhongkong.com/ca/see-do/events-festivals/highlight-events/chinese-new-year-celebrations.jsp

The excitement all over town is palpable during the New Year period, but there’s no denying the highlight is the ‘big night’ itself … this year falling on 28 January. That is when the 2017 Cathay Pacific International Chinese New Year Night Parade, now in its 22nd year, will take place, marking the official beginning of the Year of the Rooster. This year’s theme will be “Best Fortune. World Party” and those four little words sum the event up perfectly … fortunate are those who are there (with, it is hoped, good fortune in the coming year) at a world-class party.

The parade will feature spectacular floats and world-class performers. For almost two hours from 8 p.m. there will be music, singing and dancing to entertain both Hong Kong residents and tourists from all over the world. Starting from the Cultural Centre Piazza in Tsim Sha Tsui the parade will move along Canton Road, Haiphong Road, Nathan Road and Salisbury Road, to end outside the Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel and Towers.  Along the way there will be fun-filled street parties.

Performers will include local and international talents, including stirring marching bands, dextrous cheerleaders, beautiful dance troupes and roving costumed characters to greet the crowds.  New to the parade will be the amazing “Wheelartistics Wuppertal” from Germany, the world-class marching band “Bluecoats Drum & Bugle Corps” from the USA and the extraordinary dance group known as “Giant Flowers and Butterflies” from France.

Then, when it seems as though it’s all over, it’s not all over at all.  Folks will be gathering all around Hong Kong’s famous Victoria Harbour to witness a most spectacular firework display. What location could be finer … with The Peak and Hong Kong’s glittering sky-scrapers as back drop and the dark waters of the harbour to reflect the dazzling fireworks all spectators are sure to agree: Hong Kong really is Asia’s World City, especially at Chinese New Year. Welcome to the Year of the Rooster! Check out more on http://www.discoverhongkong.com/ca/see-do/events-festivals/highlight-events/chinese-new-year-celebrations.jsp.

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