Explore Egypt with the first-ever Egypt inter-travel pass

London – on the go tours, London, has introduced a revolutionary travel pass through Egypt that allows travel for three months through various routes in Egypt, all from just £79. The GoBus pass from on the go tours is on sale now at our offices in West Kensington and soon on our website (www.onthegotours.com). No other tour operator offers a pass like this – which takes in Egypt’s ancient wonders by bus, Felucca Nile boat and by train. GoBus passes can also be bought in Egypt through an on the go representative. And all three-route prices include airport pick-up in Cairo and your first-nights accommodation in Cairo.

Says Jay Lakshman of on the go: “We have been hearing from clients that a more adventurous way to get around Egypt was what they are really after. They wanted to travel by bus, by Felucca boat and by train and they wanted to be able to hop-on, hop-off along the way. GoBus pass means they can hop-off in Alexandra and stay for 10 days and from there hop back on and head to Cairo or a number of other stops, either by bus, train or Felucca boat on the Nile.”

Travellers are then free to make and break their own itinerary in Egypt, so if you want to stay an extra week to continue your love of snorkelling in Dahab now you can. GoBus details just where to pick up a train, bus or Felucca and times of travel.

If you lose your GoBus in Egypt it can be replaced at just £50.

Routes and prices are below

1. Routes 1 – By bus: Cairo to Nuweiba, Dahab, Sharm El Sheik, then back to Cairo, with extensions from Cairo to Alexandria – price: £79.

2. Route 2 – By train from Cairo to Aswan, Luxor and Hurgada with extensions to Abu Simbel by bus. From Cairo to Alexandria by bus. Felucca boat from Aswan to Luxor – price: £99.

3. Route 3 – routes 1 and 2. By train: Cairo to Aswan, Luxor and Hurgada; from Cairo to Nuweiba, Dahab, Sharm El Sheik and then back to Cairo, with extensions to Alexandria and Abu Simbel, leaving from Aswan – price: £129.

GoBus Pass booking:

On the go tours, London
68 North End Road , West Kensington
London, SW19 6RL
Tel: 0207 371 1113

Email: info@onthegotours.com


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