Earth Television Network Adds DUBAI to Worldwide Camera Network

Teutonic television group to highlight destination on international earthTV broadcasts
Turn on the television in many parts of the world, from Hong Kong to Paris – and TELCAST’s earth television network can be seen highlighting the world’s most interesting destinations. The world’s largest remote controlled broadcast camera network, with 60 cameras and counting, chooses the most fascinating locations around the world to make up its LIVE and interactive television programmes. A network with such a high target would be incomplete without hot-spot Dubai and its iconic hotel Burj Al Arab.


Burj Al Arab’s unmistakable glass sail structure has become as much a point of reference for visitors to Dubai as the Opera House is to Sydney. The hotel represents the ultimate in chic luxury in the modern Middle East, and will now be seen LIVE on daily broadcasts by millions of television viewers. Dubai is earthTV’s first Middle East camera destination.

The earthTV Dubai camera is located atop the Hotel Mina A´ Salam, with a superb location directly on Jumeirah Beach with excellent views of the Arabian Gulf. The camera has already captured spectacular shots of Dubai’s New Years Eve 2004 fireworks celebrations for earthTV’s New Years Eve Motion TimeLapse, a special programme broadcast in Belgium, Hong Kong, pan-Asia, the UK Portugal and Turkey at the turn of the year. earthTV programmes to highlight Dubai include Motion TimeLapse, a stunning 30 or 60 second show that pans 360 degrees, condensing an entire day into a fast-moving segment; EarthQuiz, a 3-minute show that challenges viewers to guess the destination based on very tight camera shots and editorial clues; Travel and Business Weather, a 60 second look at the day’s weather conditions in major world cities with live images, and the World LIVE!, a 90 second globetrot the world’s hottest destinations with an earthTV signature soundtrack.

earthTV gives audiences an alternative view of travel and business destinations. Most exotic and beautiful locales are shown neatly packaged in TV advertisements and outdoor posters, providing potential visitors one single view chosen for its perfection and marketing value. earthTV goes beyond the glossy, taking footage 24 hours a day, everyday, of cities and towns around the world that will be broadcast on television as part of news and travel programmes. These are entertaining segments that seek to make the world a smaller place and show television viewers what is going on in the world LIVE and in real time.

TELCAST is one of the leading independent television distribution and production
companies in Germany. Founded in 1985 by Thomas Hohenacker as TELCAST International GmbH & Co. KG in Munich, TELCAST’s clients range from most German broadcasters to renowned international broadcasters in over 50 countries. TELCAST is also the worldwide market leader in 3-D television, with its own patent system. – your news source for the travel and tourism industry.

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