China’s Jiangling Cole Flowers are in Full Blossom

It is March and the cole flowers are in full blossom all across the hills of Jiangling Terrace Scenic Resort in China’s Wuyuan County. As the spring event coincides with International Women’s Day which falls on March 8, women from all over China are taking advantage of the special day by coming to Jiangling and embarking on a spring outing across the thousands of acres of terraced fields bedecked with cole flowers in full bloom – a demonstration of nature’s beauty that will last until the middle of April.


A tourist takes a photo of herself in Jiangling, Wuyuan County, one of China’s leading destinations for a spring holiday, and Jiangling is the top attraction in Wuyan. The Jiangling Terrace Scenic Resort has taken the charm a step further and made it even more appealing by populating the cole-filled hills with scarecrows of every size and shape. Visitors have commented that the area, now called “Scarecrow Paradise,” reminds them of their childhood as they walk through the fields of cole flowers.

The fields are also a paradise for photographers and have attracted the attention of media nationwide. The live telecast of “The first ray of sunshine” on CCTV in 2014 and the program “The footsteps of spring” in 2015 were both shot in Jiangling, demonstrating the recognizable beauty that media used to feature the region in programs when announcing the arrival of spring.

Starting from Jiangling, the roads zig-zag up the mountains. Looking downwards from Jiangling, you’ll see layers of terraced fields, curved lines, streams in the valleys and basins, a handful of hamlets hugging the banks of the streams, fully surrounded by green mountains, giving any one looking at the photos a genuine sense of what it feels like to be in Wuyuan country. The ordered layout of ancient trees, rivers and streams, terraced fields, farmhouses and crops reflects the closeness and harmony between man and nature, what is often described as a “perfect display of the unity of heaven and man.”

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