Photography on CD-ROM

Aruba: A Virtual Tour

This CD-ROM incorporates the latest in Virtual Reality photography and Quicktime technology to impart a complete island tour at the click of a mouse.
See the inside of every hotel in Virtual Reality and on video, and tour Aruba’s important attractions such as the Gold Mill, Lourdes Grotto, golf course, etc.
As a set, The Virtual Tour CD, the Memory Forever video, the Dawn of a New Era DVD and promotional materials make up a binder we designed for the Aruba Tourism to become a complete education program about the island, tailored to travel industry professionals.

Aruba Photo Image Library

On two CD-ROM disks, over 100 of Aruba’s most colorful and scenic images have been collected for the purpose of royalty free photography of the island. Intended for newspapers, magazines or any journalist looking to embellish their articles about Aruba, images from this disk have been used for numerous purposes.
We produced the jewel case inserts, including a fold-out chart with miniature pictures of each image in order to facilitate locating them on the disk.
The disk is made available by the Aruba Tourism Authority to interested parties.

The Search for Ancient Wisdom

The Search for Ancient Wisdom follows the travels of Bob and Bea Broda Connolly in their TV series, “Timeless Places.” Here, along with providing basic travel information to some unusual destinations, questions are asked pertaining to the existence of ancient aliens and technology which has long been lost. The information is presented in a lighthearted manner consistent with a travel documentary, but some serious questions crop us as a result of various mysterious discoveries they encountered on their journey throughout the world . Countless still and animated images increase the reader’s interest. There is something interactive on every page, most of which include multiple layers of pictures, video clips, and narration.

WorldPhoto Essentials Image Library

While traveling and filming the world for our TV productions, I also took  35 mm slide photography of every destination. ( This was before the invention of digital cameras! ) When PhotoCD was invented, our photo library was licensed as a collection of over 3000 images. It was bundled with new PC computers – and it was the very first royalty free photo library ever produced.