The Search For Ancient Wisdom

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The Search for Ancient Wisdom was one of the first CD-ROM titles ever produced and was an offshoot from our TV series, “Timeless Places.” Here, along with providing basic travel information to some unusual destinations, questions are asked pertaining to the existence of ancient aliens and technology which has long been lost.

The information is presented in a lighthearted manner consistent with a travel documentary, but some serious questions crop up as a result of various mysterious discoveries the I encountered on my journey throughout the world. Countless still and animated images increase the reader’s interest. There is something interactive on every page, most of which include multiple layers of pictures, video clips, and narration.

At the time of the production of the CDROM, digital video was just being invented. Quicktime video clips were the size of postage stamps – but it was amazing to see video on a computer screen no manner how small and jerky they may be. The CD-ROM was licensed by Apple Computer and was included in every CDROM equipped computer that was sold to high schools in the United States. Steve Jobs thought the subject matter would inspire the students to “Think Different”. (And, in fact, our title was available on the Apple label before it was released by Cambrix.)

We edited a one hour TV special so the viewers could see the video that addresses all of the destinations covered in the series in the comfort of their living room.