Winter in Slovenia is a true fairytale. This year, the slopes around Slovenia whitened even before the farewell to autumn. The Lonely Planet issued the most popular winter destinations for Instagram lovers, and Bled ranks in the top 10! There are more dreamy places to visit during the winter: Maribor was the first to, Read More

The Soča Valley, our first European Destination of Excellence from 2008, has always been popular among active vacationers, who love spending time in the water or the air, or on a bike or hiking trails. However, one of the most beautiful Alpine rivers is also popular among those who want peace and quiet. Here you, Read More

The year 2016 is an important one for green, healthy, and active Slovenia, as Ljubljana is this year’s European Green Capital. Instead of spending time travelling from one side of the city to the other – as is the case in other capital cities – in Ljubljana you can use this time for a walk, to, Read More

Open the chest of Slovenian culture, tradition and modern creativity! In winter, the tangle of legends and stories relating to cultural peculiarities and attractions of Slovenia becomes even more mysterious. Slovenia is the right kaleidoscope of adventures for you. It will colour your cheeks and make you smile. Open the chest of Slovenian culture,, Read More

Story of Slovenian Tastes In Slovenia, the best way to someones heart is first through their stomach since fresh crops grow everywhere. Slovenian chefs also agree with the saying, drawing inspiration from the rich culinary tradition and love for the local environment. The Flavours of Slovenia invite. more… Successful Season at Slovenian Natural Health Resorts, Read More

Feel Slovenia and listen to the story about the Alps, the Kingdom of the Goldenhorn. This is a fairy-tale chamois buck with golden horns that protects the treasures of the mountains and Triglav National Park. Discovering one of the most beautiful parks in Europe is now even simpler with the help of a new free guide. To make your, Read More

A Story of Salt, Sea and Music The 46 kilometres of Slovenian coastline is dotted with a number of small, romantic towns. The most picturesque is the medieval Piran, a town that prospered thanks to salt production. The Sečovlje Salina Nature Park, the Mediterranean northernmost saltworks, still produces salt following 14th century guidelines. Besides, Read More

The UNESCO World Heritage List is of the utmost importance for cultural and natural heritage. Three Slovenian gems shine on the global map of 1,000 heritage units: Škocjan Caves as a unique natural monument, the prehistoric pile-dwellings in Ljubljana and the mercury mine in Idrija. In addition to the central sites of special interest, the World Heritage Site Tentative, Read More

The Republic of Slovenia lies at the heart of Europe where the Alps and the Mediterranean meet the Pannonian plains and the mysterious Karst. Slovenia has a population of 2 million and its capital city is Ljubljana. The official language is Slovene, one of the South Slavonic languages. In Slovenia, the sun shines approximately, Read More

With its entry into the European Union, Slovenia is offered special positive opportunities. It will acquire more reputation through greater international exposure and the larger number of tourists attracted by easier border crossings, and in the medium term benefits from European structural resources as well. The Slovenian Tourist Board will take advantage of the, Read More