eTN: Women aged 25 and over will now be allowed to travel to Saudi Arabia without a chaperone, the country’s tourism commission has announced. It’s the latest reform in the easing of restrictions in the ultra-conservative Gulf kingdom. As long as they meet the age requirement, women will now be able to receive a, Read More

WASHINGTON, DC – Saudi Foreign Minister Adel bin Ahmed Al-Jubeir reiterated the Kingdom’s firm commitment to defeat terrorism in an op-ed published by Newsweek today, titled “The Saudis Are Fighting Terrorism, Don’t Believe Otherwise.” “Multiple actors—each with their own motives—have targeted the kingdom, seeking to destabilize the country and terrorize the Saudi people. So, Read More

Disaster struck yet again early yesterday in Makkah, Saudi Arabia during the Hajj pilgrimage, on the day of the 1424 Hejira year’s Eid Al Adha feast, on the pilgrims’ return to Mina (some 4 miles to the northwest of Makkah) after a night spent in Muzdalifah and standing at the Arafat, 244 people were, Read More