MANCHESTER, UK, July 19, 2018 – A hefty clump of the summer of 2018 lingers on the horizon before autumn leaves start to fall. This means plenty of time still to bicycle in Europe this season. When it comes to food, wine and beaches, Portugal is the in place to vacation this year, says Steven, Read More

New York – Travelers on TAP Portugal airlines now can incorporate a stopover of up to three days in Lisbon and Porto, at no extra charge, when booking flights from the US and Canada to the Azores, Madeira or the Algarve. With this expansion of its popular Stopover program to Faro (the Algarve), Ponta Delgada, Read More

BY MARIA G. YATES | eTN – December, 2015 As frosty mornings greet many around the world, fantasies of warmer climates fill their heads. They visualize clear blue skies, sun-drenched beaches, outdoor restaurants, and long walks without the burden of parkas or waterproof boots. Plotting an escape becomes a full-time obsession. For those bored, Read More

by Diana Whistance-Smith When tourists arrive to Portugal, they are instantly attracted to the rich history that central cities like Lisbon have to offer, or to the beach paradises praised by locals that are several hours away but worth the long car rides, such as Algarve and Lagos. For those who want an authentic, Read More

By Bea Broda The first thing I told my friends after returning from two trips to the Azores, a gorgeous group of islands that belongs to Portugal, I told them, “Better go and visit now, because they are so unspoiled and untouched, and that can’t possibly last!” Here is my video clip about many, Read More

Think teatime is purely a British custom? Think again. The taking of afternoon tea was actually introduced to Europe by the Portuguese and Portugal is the only country in Europe to grow and produce loose-leaf tea. In honor of this tradition, Lisbon’s only city resort hotel, the Lapa Palace, has introduced a new afternoon, Read More

The Wines of Portugal took another major step forward in 2003 when four of the country’s great, full-bodied reds gained a place among the very best at an international blind tasting in Lisbon, organized by The Portuguese Gastronomic Academy and Atlantis Crystal. The members of the international jury were the prestigious Michel Bettane, Jacques, Read More

Imagine a luxury hotel room in the heart of a Western European capital, yet the only noise outside your bedroom window is a cock crowing.  Imagine walking through narrow lanes strung with laundry and infused with cooking aromas – and emerging through medieval gates into the heart of a bustling city. Welcome to Lisbon, Read More