Peru Creates New National Park to Protect Two Million Acres of Amazon Rainforest The Peruvian government has recently announced the creation of a massive new national park to protect two million acres of Amazon rainforest. The new Yaguas National Park is located in the northern region of Loreto, near the Colombian border, and will, Read More

New Site Discovered at Machu Picchu  A rare discovery was recently made during regular maintenance and conservation rounds at Machu Picchu. The new site, located inside the National Archaeological Park, had been hidden under dense vegetation and had gone unnoticed for years. Behind the brush, the Inca Trail’s archaeological maintenance coordinator found a rocky, Read More

The prestigious Marathon Des Sables(Marathon of the Sands) race is the most extreme running competition in the world and will be held in Peru this November. Peru is the first Latin American country to host this competition that brings together more than 300 international runners. During the competition, elite athletes endure extreme situations in order, Read More

The Belmond Andean Explorer, the first luxury night train in South America, has began a successful  operation this May 2017. It  will pass through one of the world’s highest rail ways, connecting Cuzco and Arequipa and passing through Lake Titicaca in Puno. With a capacity of 48 passengers, it will provide different luxurious cabins, plus a dining car, observatory,, Read More

[Duncan, BC] Blue Grouse Estate Winery appeals to the public to help those affected by the rains and flooding in Peru. People are encouraged to donate here: An Island Winery with Strong Peruvian Ties Peru is special to the owners of the winery. The Brunner family, who purchased the pioneering Island winery in 2012, call Peru, Read More

The first time I traveled to Peru in 1992, there weren’t too many tourists. I was able to walk along the Nazka lines with Renata, one of the Reich sisters. (Maria being the one who measured and cleaned them all decades ago.) There was one hotel up in Machu Picchu, and another below in Agua Caliente., Read More

Google Street View Launches Tour of Machu Picchu Google Street View’s latest venture took 15 high-res cameras to Machu Picchu, the ancient Inca fortress and UNESCO World Heritage Site located 7,970 feet above sea level. Google teamed up with the Peruvian Ministry of Culture for the initiative that lets anyone visit the historic site, Read More

CUSCO, PERU – Many visitors to Peru arrive in Cusco excited to make the journey to Machu Picchu. The city is often considered the launching pad for those making the trek (or train ride) to the world-renowned site; however travellers are often pleasantly surprised to find that Cusco is a destination unto itself and warrants several, Read More

LIMA, PERU (September 16, 2015) – Lima was once merely the hub city for flying into Peru and connecting to other popular destinations in the country. Today, the country’s capital city is becoming one of the top reasons to visit Peru and is vying for visitor attention with other popular sites such as Machu Picchu, Cusco, Read More

LIMA, PERU (June, 2015) – Peru continues to shine on the world culinary stage. The annual “World’s 50 Best Restaurants” awards were announced last week and placed three Peruvian restaurants in the top 50, an increase from two restaurants in 2014. Lima’s Central Restaurant moved up into the top five (in fourth place) and was again awarded the, Read More