While the political rows in Iran is high lighting the fate of another Iranian archeological site is in darkness. As the clock is ticking for Iran to submit a report on measures it has taken to address UNESCO’s concerns regarding the Jahan Nama building which purportedly mars the skyline of the internationally recognized Naqsh-e, Read More

Iran -Egypt not two mere names on the map but contained with ancient civilization and archeology. Both Muslim countries in the Middle East are grand powers among neighbors .The turning point in easing relation between two countries will affect tourism Market in Middle East region harshly damaged by 4 wars and political unrests since, Read More

“We once had 500-700,000 people visiting the country a year.  Many came to ski, some for luxury hunting trips,” recalled Captain Bashit Akbaryar, a Senior Pilot with Ariana, Afghanistan’s national airline.  In those heady days 30 years ago when a King still ruled Afghanistan, he explained, women wore mini-skirts in any of Kabul’s 7, Read More

For the first time in nearly 20 years, Lebanon will receive more than 1 million tourists before the end of 2003, marking a rebirth of the country’s tourism industry. According to statistics from the Tourism Ministry, the only years the country exceeded the 1 million mark were in 1972 1,028,798 tourists and 1974 1,423,950, Read More

By Brooke Anderson DAMASCUS — With some of the best-preserved ancient ruins in the Middle East, one of the lowest crime rates in the world, some of the lowest prices in the region, and a unique and deeply rooted tradition of hospitality, Syria has all the potential to be a prime tourist destination. Yet, Read More