Valletta has launched a preview of its 2018 European Capital of Culture program. A collection of artistic, cultural, and community projects as well as festivals and carnivals, the island is thrilled to be showcasing its eclectic history and heritage. GENERAL VIDEO ABOUT MALTA The program will kick off with a ceremony on 20th, Read More

NEW YORK, New York – “An affordable Mediterranean playground with a superb climate, sublime beaches, megalithic temples and a distinctive crossroads culture.” This is just one of the ways the New York Times describes Malta.   The Mediterranean island of Malta was named #3 on the prestigious New York Times “52 Places to Go in 2016” list in, Read More

The Maltese Archbishop is speaking out in defense of the environment. The archbishop, in an address to the congregation gathered inside the St. John’s Co-Cathedral in Valletta, urged for careful use of the natural resources, respect for all living creatures, plants and trees:  “We must nurture love for all creatures, every one of us, Read More

The Malta Tourism Authority has launched a new website,, which provides detailed information about festivals organised by the MTA’s Product Planning and Development Directorate.

When the Colonial administration which governed Malta in 1958, first decided that Tourism had to form the foundation for any sound economic growth to the islands, the local population accepted this strategy as emanating from a reliable source but there was little they knew about how this industry could, in fact, develop those opportunities, Read More

For the past forty years Malta and Gozo have been best known as the ideal resort for sun and sea family holidays; during the sixties a number of projects were part funded by Government grants as an incentive to local and International companies who wished to invest in this new growth industry which was, Read More

The Malta Tourism Authority’s two main brochures ‘Malta – the Island at the Heart of the Mediterranean’ and ‘Gozo – the Island of Love and Honey’ may now be downloaded from the MTA’s destination website

Due to Malta’s new-found fame as the ‘Hollywood of the Mediterranean’, the Malta Tourism Authority has created a new product for tourists: an online ‘Malta Movie Map’. The map, which shows the locations where Hollywood and TV films were shot in the Maltese Islands as well as photos and star’s biographies, was researched and, Read More