TOURISM MALAYSIA has announced its plan to repair the country’s image after an alarmingly high incidence of snatch thefts and robberies in major cities, with some leading to deaths. Official investigations have found that a majority of the crimes are committed by both legal and illegal foreigners. Explaining why cooperation with the foreign press, Read More

THE SITE OF MAGELLAN’S 42-day stop-over has become Sabah’s latest tourist attraction. The bronze inscription reads:  The tip of Borneo.  Standing on the cliff’s edge, and seeing as far as your eyes can see, a panoramic view of the sunset beckons.

Throughout the Pacific Rim, business opportunities are on the rebound. In order to make the westward journey to Asia a successful and lucrative venture, savvy business travelers are honing their international relations skills by learning proper etiquette so that they can gain an edge over the competition and build important, lasting relationships.

Now, when was the last time somebody told you go fly a kite? In to-day’s politically correct climate, you can now turn around and say, “go fly LCA.” That’s saying back, go fly a low cost airline to somewhere. And, your first stop? In Malaysia, you go to any of Pos Malaysia’s ( now, Read More

A curious trade was  included during the closing of the  two week Seventh Conference of Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (COP 7) which was attended by delegates from 120 countries. Put on sale by various environmental groups, the mock sale of ecotourism sites, among others include: The Mulu national park in Sarawak, Russian national, Read More

There is joke about California:  80 percent of those who pass through the state decide to stay because the state, which is shaped like a chair, makes you feel comfortable. So what is it about Langkawi – or for that matter, Malaysia the country – that compels her visitors to stay put? Sun, sea, sand – and, Read More

At the request of the Government of Malaysia, following the recent Commonwealth Heads of State Summit in Abuja, Nigeria, Kuala Lumpur is the high profile venue for the inaugural Commonwealth Tourism Ministers Meeting and Commonwealth Tourism Business Forum taking place from 18 – 21 March 2004. The events are hosted by the Malaysian Ministry, Read More

In its recent  travel  survey, EXPAT FORUM, an almost exclusive on line portal answering everything  and everyone for the expatriates in Malaysia, respondents voted Langkawi island as the best holiday destination in Asia – that’s ahead of K. Lumpur and Penang, perennial destinations in the country. Langkawi is voted even ahead of Phuket, Bali, Read More

The ninth edition of Le Tour de Langkawi, (the LTdL) starting February 6, with an even bigger budget from sponsors, is set to pedal its way: a test of mental strength and physical endurance pushed to the limit. This year’s Tour, covering 1,250 km, starting in Penang and ending at Dataran Merdeka, in Kuala, Read More

Several Pan Pacific properties in Kuala Lumpur are now featuring special offers for those traveling to Malaysia this year. Pan Pacific Kuala Lumpur International Airport has just introduced a Jet Lag Package to accommodate flight weary travelers.  Conveniently linked to the Kuala Lumpur International Airport by skybridge, and adjacent to the airport terminal and, Read More