First into Libya! Join Richard Bangs, acclaimed author, producer of MSNBC’s Great Escapes, and co-founder of Mountain Travel Sobek for this extraordinary adventure in the Libyan Desert. In the long tradition of Mountain Travel Sobek exploratories, Richard will lead the first American tour group into Libya since the lifting of U.S. travel restrictions last, Read More

Signs are emerging that Libya is on the way to rehabilitation in the travel and tourist industry, following the visit to Tripoli by British Prime Minister, Tony Blair. His meeting with the Libyan leader, Colonel Ghadafi, is being followed up with a trade mission next month, led by a Foreign Office Minister and including, Read More

Libya is an ancient culture with a distinctive character.  By even today’s standard, Libya can offer all the right ingredients towards tourism development and success. The recent visit by FIFA inspection team to verify Libya’s file request to host the World Cup in 2010, may indicate combined openness and modernization to the world of travel.