Japan’s northern region Tohoku is home of several unique cultural festivals. The Bullet Train network expansion has reached deep into this region, enabling travelers to hop around these festivals with easy access.  The Tohoku Region has very severe winters and rugged mountains and coastlines, causing the people to develop very vibrant and energetic summer, Read More

NEW YORK, June, 2015:  As the number of international visitors to Japan continues to increase, more visitors experience Japan’s contemporary art scenes during their stay at local hotels.  In addition to traditional beauty and culinary culture, modern art and design have become the motivations for traveling to Japan, and special focus on modern art is, Read More

TOKYO, Japan – Godzilla, Japan’s fire-breathing arch nemesis, has returned to Tokyo – but this time as a welcome guest. The giant monster has taken up residence in the Shinjuku, popular for its bar and noodle restaurants, where it now acts as the area’s ambassador for tourism. Towering at 52 metres (171ft) above ground, Read More

Six Japanese tour companies based in the United States have created new Lost in Translation themed tour packages focusing on scenes and locations in Tokyo and Kyoto featured in Sofia Coppolas award-winning film.

Special Event “New Year’s Holidays” January 1 – January 7, 2004 The Park celebrates the New Year in Japanese style with Mickey Mouse and his pals all dressed up in kimono. Traditional decorations, merchandise and menus can be enjoyed. Special value Passport good from 5 p.m. for a limited time only! Winter Night Passport, Read More

ALHAMBRA, Calif. (November 20, 2003) – For those looking to explore a timeless destination that’s rich in history and culture, Ritz Tours presents its eight-day Japan Experience program, highlighting the sights, sounds and tastes of Tokyo, Hakone and Kyoto. And, in keeping with its commitment to offer the best quality tours to China and, Read More

New Mori Art Museum Opens Joins 200 Flagship Stores, One-of-a-Kind Restaurants MINATO-KU, Tokyo, Japan (October 29, 2003) – Tokyo is abuzz about Roppongi Hills. Since its opening April 25, the $4 billion city-within-a-city has attracted 25 million visitors to its observation deck, luxury hotel, multiplex cinema and 200 designer boutiques and one-of-a-kind restaurants –, Read More

Japan welcomes tourists enchanted by acclaimed film “Lost in Translation.” Film goers dazzled by the vision of Tokyo in director Sofia Coppola’s critically acclaimed new film Lost in Translation, starring Bill Murray, can now check into two Tokyo hotel packages inspired by the film. The new Oakwood Residence Aoyama is where director Sofia Coppola, Read More