A runaway freight train laden with an explosive mixture of fuel, fertilizers and sulfur came off the rails and blew up in north-eastern Iran yesterday, killing almost 300 people and injuring hundreds more. The explosion was reported to have destroyed five villages and windows were said to have shattered up to seven miles away., Read More

While the political rows in Iran is high lighting the fate of another Iranian archeological site is in darkness. As the clock is ticking for Iran to submit a report on measures it has taken to address UNESCO’s concerns regarding the Jahan Nama building which purportedly mars the skyline of the internationally recognized Naqsh-e, Read More

Iran -Egypt not two mere names on the map but contained with ancient civilization and archeology. Both Muslim countries in the Middle East are grand powers among neighbors .The turning point in easing relation between two countries will affect tourism Market in Middle East region harshly damaged by 4 wars and political unrests since, Read More

Whether you are planning to visit or move to a foreign country, it is important to know everything you can about the destination. To aid you in your research, Graphic Arts Center Publishing Company of Portland, Oregon, has developed a series of books under the appropriate umbrella of Culture Shock! I can strongly recommend, Read More

Alarmed by the high death toll and level of destruction caused by the recent Bam earthquake, top policymakers are considering moving Iran’s capital away from quake-prone Tehran, officials and newspapers said on Monday. “The Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) will shortly discuss a plan to move the capital from Tehran,” SNSC chief Hassan Rohani, Read More

“Those who have visited Bam, may remember the happy smiles & beautiful palm trees of this fascinating ancient city, lots of memories from the nostalgic sunset scenes above the once world’s largest and fabulous mud-brick complex,” said Hadi Sh. Shakib, Pardisan Tour & Travel about the center of last Friday’s deadly Iran earthquake. That, Read More