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by Judy Zimmerman Iceland has developed a unique tradition for storytelling and literature, beginning with the esteemed Icelandic Sagas of the tenth and eleventh centuries.  They are landmarks of world literature still widely read today. Ever since, Iceland has produced a number of talented writers.  Its capital, Reykjavik, was the first non-English speaking city in, Read More

Journey to the land of fire and ice on the Iceland: Fjords & Geysers trip with Natural Habitat Adventures. This one-of-a-kind adventure will introduce just 6 guests to the wonders of Iceland—an island rich in contrast and different from anywhere you’ve ever been. Geothermal and volcanic activity continue to shape its dramatic landscape of, Read More

The Icelandair Horse Festival 2004 Will be held at The Icelandair Horse Festivals – called Landsmot – are the climax and celebration for the Icelandic horse. This year’s event will be held at Hella in the Rangarvellir region of South Iceland, June 28 – July 4. You’ll be caught up in the moment, as, Read More

If you havent been to Iceland, there are a few things you should know… it is closer than you think (just a five hour flight from New York City); everyone speaks English; and this is one of the best destinations for a golf and outdoor adventure this summer!