Long before the run-up to the accession to the European Union (EU), Hungary has prepared for regional cooperation in overseas marketing. Two years ago, it has decided to take advantage of an obvious cross-promotion with a few countries. “It is (something) like the European Union accession which is called the Visegrad countries – Poland,, Read More

Hungarian police have detained three men described as of Arab extraction, who they say planned to blow up the new Holocaust Museum in Budapest. It is not known if the Arabs planned to target the Israeli President Moshe Katsav, who is in Budapest to attend the museum’s opening ceremony, or even when they intended, Read More

The American Tourism Society (ATS) will hold its annual Spring Meeting and trade show in Budapest, Hungary, March 9-11, 2004. Hosted by the Hungarian National Tourist Office, ATS Conference delegates will also have pre and post conference tour opportunities to experience first hand the diversity of the Hungarian tourism product. Michael Stolowitzky, ATS President, Read More

Honoring his Hungarian parents American film star Tony Curtis has volunteered to play in commercials popularizing Hungary as a tourism destination. The two 30-second spots, produced in Hungary in October this year, are primarily aimed at attracting tourists from North America but will also be broadcasted on international TV channels.