The emotional connection between the Dutch and Canadian peoples is no coincidence: since Canadian troops liberated the country at the end of World War II, Canadians have been guaranteed a warm and appreciative welcome in Holland. The Dutch have always considered the Canadian veterans as “their liberators” and amazingly enough that sentiment is, Read More

by Bea Broda I don’t often feature individual hotels on my website, but there are a few places in this world where I have stayed more than once that draw me back to a warm feeling of being “at home.” When you travel as much as I do, that’s quite heartening! As well, there, Read More

The allure of Amsterdam beckons year-round, but during the city’s annual Grachtenfestival (Canal Festival), this tempting European destination becomes irresistible. And travelers on Music and Markets’ Amsterdam Canal Festival Tour experience the festival to its fullest, reveling in incredible musical moments as venues along the city’s renowned canals resound with more than 80 classical, Read More

Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport dealt with 39.9 million passengers in 2003, down by two percent compared with 2002, according to figures released by the Schiphol Group. The number of flights was also down, reflecting the difficult international trading conditions over the year. In spite of missing the 40 million passenger milestone, the airport management is predicting, Read More