by Bea Broda I am personally excited to be attending Carnival in Victoria, Seychelles this year, because I was at the very first one, and now I will be attending the fifth! It has grown so much over the years, but there are a few things that are absolutely constant. Performances from Carnival favourites like, Read More


It was awe-inspiring for me to have been present at the re-dedication of Victoria Falls as a peace park in 2011, and this stunning park has been dedicated once again. IIPT (The International Institute of Peace through Tourism) is honored to announce the re-naming of the IIPT International Peace Park at Victoria Falls as the IIPT, Read More


by Bea Broda Lusaka is certainly a city on the rise. A number of African countries, such as Uganda, Zimbabwe and others, have been putting themselves on the tourism map, which is a direct result of successful development from within and peaceful strategies. The reason I was in Lusaka was a conference, but I’m, Read More


. . . And you can sample some fabulous wine and cheese while you’re at it! by Bea Broda I’m a huge fan of archaeology, history and culture, and I’d have to say that’s what drives and guides most of my travels. I found myself in Lusaka, Zambia, to attend a conference, and was, Read More


by Bea Broda Hong Kong is an infinite paradise of dining choices, regardless of the preferences of your palate, offering superb cuisine from around the world and an infinite choice of restaurants. It is best described as a type of eclectic cuisine with extensive influences from Cantonese cuisine and parts of non-Cantonese-speaking China.Traditional Chinese, Read More


For me, kayaking is a spiritual adventure.  I am a Pisces, so water is something that I really can’t live without. Although I live in Palm Desert in the winter, I have a small man made lake in my backyard – and a fountain in my front yard. When I moved from Canada to, Read More


Quebec City, December, 2014 – This year, the Hôtel de Glace is celebrating its 15th anniversary! From January 5 to March 22, the public is invited to rediscover this classic winter attraction, the only one of its kind in America. Every winter, dozens of artisans have redesigned and built this impressive hotel entirely from snow, Read More


Minister of Culture Farouk Hosni announced that the Australian archaeological mission working in Ezbit El-Walda area have unearthed a 5,000-year-old necropolis with 20 well-preserved tombs in that site just outside Cairo. The site in the suburb of Helwan is a host of small plain tombs with larger ones meant for the middle and upper, Read More


The Icelandair Horse Festival 2004 Will be held at The Icelandair Horse Festivals – called Landsmot – are the climax and celebration for the Icelandic horse. This year’s event will be held at Hella in the Rangarvellir region of South Iceland, June 28 – July 4. You’ll be caught up in the moment, as, Read More


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