by Bea Broda Since I’ve been making travel TV shows for such a long time, one of the questions I’m asked the most is “what’s your favourite place?” I have loved every destination for one reason or another, but Palau always comes up on the short list as having a unique blend of beauty,, Read More

by Bea Broda I was in Lusaka for a conference, which didn’t leave me a lot of time to tour around as much as I would have liked to. Many visitors to any African country will want to live the awesome experience of a safari park where they can gaze at magnificent animals roaming, Read More

Visiting the handful of mountain gorillas left in the world can be an amazing adventure! Watch this video and see a bit about my own incredible adventure there, where I personally had an encounter with a rare Silver Back gorilla! I couldn’t get any footage of my experience with the Silver back, unfortunately., Read More

Valletta has launched a preview of its 2018 European Capital of Culture program. A collection of artistic, cultural, and community projects as well as festivals and carnivals, the island is thrilled to be showcasing its eclectic history and heritage. GENERAL VIDEO ABOUT MALTA The program will kick off with a ceremony on 20th, Read More

Puerto Vallarta’s majestic Sierra Madre, blue Bay of Banderas and iconic Malecon will provide the perfect background of mountain-meets-sea for the first edition of the urban bicycle race, Down Puerto Vallarta 2017, taking place from April 30 to May 1st. Announced this Friday by Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board Director, Agustín Álvarez Valdivia, the race, Read More

Lucky is the visitor who is in Hong Kong during Chinese New Year, the city’s biggest and most colourful festival! From 22 January to 12 February it will be impossible not to be caught up in the excitement … festive markets brim with auspicious foods and exquisite flowers, temples are crowded as prayers for, Read More

Switzerland just knows how to do winter right! Whether or not you ski, you’ll love the ski resorts and the beauty of the snow-covered mountains with all the “apres-ski” activities to keep you warm and happy. One of the areas that’s fantastic for skiing or snow-shoe hiking is the area of Jungfrau. Approached by rail from, Read More

A world class city, Toronto brims with things to do, and novel things to see. Here is a list, with a link at the end to discover more. THE TORONTO SIGN Throughout 2016. One of Toronto’s most beloved installations is staying for 2016. The illuminated 3D TORONTO sign, originally installed as part of the Pan, Read More

Brazil Carnival, Notting Hill Carnival of London, Indonesia Carnival, Dusseldorf Carnival of Germany, the Carnival of Italy will this year be joined for the first time by the Carnival from France and the Cologne Carnival of Germany to parade side-by-side in Seychelles in the island’s carnival that has been called the Carnival of Carnivals., Read More

March, 2016 – With the Mexican Peso at an all-time low, with average exchange rate between $15-$17 pesos to the US dollar, Americans and Canadians looking for last minute deals to Puerto Vallarta will find that this is a travelers market. Puerto Vallarta is one of Mexico’s top tourism destination. Known for its 100-year-old historic, Read More