eTN: One of the most rapidly growing sectors of the travel industry is spiritual tourism, with approximately 300 million travelers annually. The U.S. Travel Association (USTA) reports that 25% of U.S. travelers are interested in some sort of faith-based tourism, and the market in this $18 billion industry is expected to double by 2020. “Today,, Read More

Cruise operators expect 50,000 tourists to visit the neighboring islands this year alone, pushed up by the high occupancy rates on tours to Greek resorts departing from around 10 Turkish ports. Turkish tourists are rushing to the Greek islands on cruise ships as the accommodation and food and drink prices in the crisis-hit country have, Read More

Despondent over the media’s bombardment of criticisms towards the Athens Olympic preparations, a New York travel agency owner is charging that the unfavorable press has dampened Olympic tourism sales. Irene Kontou, owner of Arista Travel and Yachting, said she blames poor Olympic sale to the media’s unfavorable coverage of the event. “Indeed all press, Read More

Greece salvaged a draw against South Korea and saved the hosts from a double embarrassment on the soccer field Wednesday, as Athens celebrated the arrival of the Olympic flame in the capital after a global journey. Several top athletes pulled out of the Olympics, however, including six-time Grand Slam singles champion Serena Williams.

WITH the opening of the Olympic Games just nine days away, fear is in the air. If they are on orange alert in New York, they are on burnt orange status in Athens. There, the Greek government and International Olympic Committee have spent more money on security than the gross national product of some, Read More

GREECE IS doomed to witness a decline in tourists this year despite hosting the August 13-29 Olympics, which is expected to attract hundreds of thousands of visitors, the country’s union of tourist enterprises said on Tuesday. The number of visitors was considerably falling in the first six months and the drop could be as, Read More

With the Olympic Games just four months away and the budget skyrocketing within the vicinity of more than US$850 million (650 million euros), Greece this week addressed concerns it has fallen behind preparations in public transport security measures.

The European Union has launched an investigation into the Greek Government’s financial support for Olympic Airways and given a warning that it may be breaking EU rules on subsidies. The European Commission is looking into the arrangements for setting up a new company to run the loss-making airline. The Greek government approved plans for, Read More

Therapeutic Holiday Centre, a Greek holiday charity serving the physically or mentally disabled, announced that holiday accommodation will be provided without any charges for all new users in 2004. For over 13 years, Therapeutic Holiday Centre has been offering specialized holiday packages to people with; learning difficulties, autism, downs syndrome, mental disorder problems and, Read More

Providing villa accommodations in sun-drenched destinations is Wimco’s forte. Now the internationally recognized purveyor of highly private lodgings announces that it can offer 27 villas on Mykonos to its discerning clientele. “Mykonos is a natural extension of our Mediterranean focus,” says Janis Gordon, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for this Newport, RI, and, Read More