While in 2004 Germany celebrates her musical heritage with more than 400 special festivals spanning sounds from classics to kletzmer, jazz, pop and techno, other events whose themes unite German cities and regions are also taking shape this year. Take the ‘Long Night of Museums,’ for example, Saturday nights when museums and galleries in, Read More

Hollywood moves to Berlin February 5-15 for the 54th “Berlinale,” the annual Berlin International Film Festival. Inevitably, the stars will converge on The Adlon, Germany’s most prestigious hotel, to sleep, dine or just to carouse in The Adlon Lobby Lounge and Bar, first immortalized on screen in the 1932 smash-hit, GRAND HOTEL, starring John, Read More

Hundreds of musical events take place in Germany every year. The following is a list of some of the highlights to take place in 2004.

This year Germany celebrates many anniversaries: the 1300th anniversary of the baroque town of Wuerzburg, the 300th anniversary of the 17th century hunting palace and French gardens at Ludwigsburg, and the 815th anniversary of Hamburg’s harbor replete with tugboat dancing. The charming Castle Road, lined with over 70 castles and gardens, celebrates its 50th, Read More

Fun winter vacations and value for the 21st century beckon visitors to Germany’s mountains. From the lofty peaks of the German Alps to the Black Forest there is a wide range of vacation options. Winter sports activities can be easily combined with a visit to Germany’s great cultural metropolises. A pleasant and convenient train, Read More

This beautiful multi-facetted country, ringed in the south by the Alps, is often referred to as MUSIC-LAND. It is home to some of the world’s greatest composers: J.S. Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Haendel, Mendelssohn, Schumann, Stockhausen, Richard Strauss, Telemann, Wagner. It is therefore not surprising that world-famous music festivals, featuring international artists, attract visitors from, Read More

Berchtesgadener Land When winter sports fans from North American visit Bavaria, Germany’s southernmost state, they usually ski the slopes of Garmisch-Gartenkirchen, the country’s winter sports capital, presided over by the Zugspitze (10,000 ft). There are, however, other charming resorts, where skiing is a popular sport. Bad Toelz, Mittenwald, Berchtesgaden – all have a lot, Read More

Hamburg, Germany’s elegant and cosmopolitan Hanseatic metropolis, now ranks as Europe’s 13th most visited city, ahead of Budapest, Brussels and Stockholm. By the end of 2003, a total of 5.3 million overnight visitors are expected to have visited Germany’s greenest city that boasts more bridges than Venice, London, and Amsterdam combined, and an even, Read More

Three travel dates and three different itinerary programs are the features offered in the 2004 German wine experience presented by the German Wine Institute. Each of the three, one-week English-language programs, focuses on a different set of German wine regions and presents different wineries to visit, different landscapes and different regional culinary experiences. Whether, Read More

Germany-bound tourists are in for tremendous musical treats this winter, says Michaela Klare, General Manager of the German National Tourist Office North America.  Germany, as birth- and workplace of the majority of the world’s classical composers – from Bach to Beethoven, Schumann to Schoenberg, Wagner to Weill –  has a vast network of concert, Read More