The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), in collaboration with the Georgian National Tourism Administration, is organizing the 1st UNWTO Global Conference on Wine Tourism in the Kakheti wine region of Georgia on 7-9 September 2016. “Georgia’s unique wine-making traditions date back 8,000 years and are considered by UNESCO as intangible heritage, making the country an, Read More

by Mangesh Singh The beauty of Georgia has been written in many business and travel magazine applauding her as the best country to visit today. In between 2009-2013, Georgia’s ministry of immigration recorded more than 300% growth rate of visitors who visited this architectural country for adventure. Georgia’s National Tourism Association (GNTA) have vowed, Read More

SAMEBA – symbol of the unification of the Georgian nation and the Orthodox Church is testimony of the Georgia s pursuance of the way of Christ It is a start of the new era as the believers perceived being eager to touch a cross of 6.80 meter in height and 2 tons in weight., Read More