Austria is one of the four ATC member countries offering a plethora of events throughout 2004. U.S. tour operators offer excellent packages to all the Alpine countries. Moreover, the Austrian Tourist Office has prepared exciting packages to some of the notable happenings. For example, “Art in Vienna and Graz”: Art lovers are familiar with, Read More

When Christian monastic community emerged as a spiritual vanguard of the new Christian world, it was as early as the 4th-5th centuries that monasteries began to be built in the Bulgarian lands. Written documents and archaeological excavations from that time testify to the existence of several dozens of monasteries raised on territories that would, Read More

The opportunity to visit the grand capital cities of Budapest, Vienna and Prague, and the chance to play some of Europe’s best golf courses in Germany, Austria and Hungary would normally be enough for the average cruise enthusiast. But it still may come down to “little things that make a difference,” as one travel, Read More

EVENTS IN FEBRUARY February 5-8, 2004, Copenhagen International Fashion Fair, Bella Center, Copenhagen Europe’s fashion show no. 1! The fashion autumn 2004/spring 2005 will be in the focus. Fashion trade only. (MSM)

Tourism in Greenland is at a turning point, and recession is turning into boom once more. In terms of PR and marketing, attention is now turning to new markets. At the same time, we should not overlook the Danish market where Greenland has traditionally been strong with 80 – 85% of all tourists. However,, Read More

The Czech Republic, the birthplace of Jaromír Jágr, Milan Hejduk, Robert Lang and many more world class ice hockey players, will host the 2004 World Ice Hockey Championship from April 24 to May 9. The World Championship is coming back to Prague after twelve long years. In our country the last hockey feast of, Read More

In 2004 Antwerp and LILLE 2004 Cultural Capital of Europe, will bring back to everybody’s attention the best known Belgian. But how well do we actually know him? P.P. RUBENS the painter is merely a starting point. Several exhibitions will be the lead to (re)discover the master of the Flemish baroque also as graphic, Read More

As the year’s end draws near, the Christmas markets blossom in many cities and towns in Belgium. The festivities really begin with St. Nicholas on December 6th. Shops display holiday treats such as marzipan, flat hard cakes known as ‘klaasjes’ and ‘speculoos’, a hard gingerbread molded in the form of St. Nicholas.