Hbc is proud to celebrate the entrance of the Czech Republic into the European Union on May 1st, 2004. From April 19th to May 15th, Hbc is commemorating the proclamation with commemorative window displays at the flagship Queen Street Bay store. “On behalf of Hbc, I am pleased to congratulate the new members, including, Read More

Long before the run-up to the accession to the European Union (EU), Hungary has prepared for regional cooperation in overseas marketing. Two years ago, it has decided to take advantage of an obvious cross-promotion with a few countries. “It is (something) like the European Union accession which is called the Visegrad countries – Poland,, Read More

Just arrived from Germany and available free of charge, a new pocket-size travel guide, called Great Holidays on a Small Budget, makes exploring German cities and countryside that much more accessible for Canadian visitors. On close to 200 four-colour pages, it presents 52 cities and 16 regions, each complete with little reference maps and, Read More

Greek Cypriots want more land and the right to go home; Turkish Cypriots want a share of power and a place in the international community. Both sides would get more holidays and more money as well as a new national anthem — without any words. The United States wants to satisfy key Muslim ally, Read More

With the Olympic Games just four months away and the budget skyrocketing within the vicinity of more than US$850 million (650 million euros), Greece this week addressed concerns it has fallen behind preparations in public transport security measures.

Hungarian police have detained three men described as of Arab extraction, who they say planned to blow up the new Holocaust Museum in Budapest. It is not known if the Arabs planned to target the Israeli President Moshe Katsav, who is in Budapest to attend the museum’s opening ceremony, or even when they intended, Read More

Innsbruck – Snowboarders’ paradise Tirol’s capital, Innsbruck, is not only popular with skiers from around the world, it has become a favorite with snowboarders as well. Great powder stashes and outstanding cliffs for all levels of skill offer everything a rider’s heart could possibly desire amid Innsbruck’s ultimate snowboarding paradise. Innsbruck is the hometown, Read More

Therapeutic Holiday Centre, a Greek holiday charity serving the physically or mentally disabled, announced that holiday accommodation will be provided without any charges for all new users in 2004. For over 13 years, Therapeutic Holiday Centre has been offering specialized holiday packages to people with; learning difficulties, autism, downs syndrome, mental disorder problems and, Read More

After twelve years, World Ice Hockey Championship is returning to the Czech Republic – to the country with an ice hockey heart. In Prague and Ostrava, the 16 best teams of the planet are going to be contesting the medals from 24th April to 9th May. The Czech ice hockey players are dreaming of, Read More

The Channel Island of Jersey has one of the biggest tidal ranges in the world – the tide goes out farther than almost anywhere else. So during spring tides, the island literally ‘grows’ by up to a fifth when the tide retreats, exposing up to two miles of land normally covered by the sea,, Read More