“The Islamic-Coptic Antiquities Committee approved the implementation of a restoration program of Al Ahmar Monastery in Sohag in Upper Egypt in cooperation with an Egyptian – Italian group and the American Research Center,” said Dr. Zahi Hawass, secretary-general of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, with the American Research Center finally in-charge of most of, Read More

Austrian Travel Agencies Federation agreed to hold its 44th conference in Egypt on October 23-26, according to the International Tourism Information Unit of the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism. The decision was made after considering several invitations received from a number of other European countries, federation sources told the tourism ministry. Tourism Minister Mamdouh el, Read More

Archaeologists working in Egypt say they have uncovered more than 50 mummies dating back to the first millennium BC. Two sarcophagi, one wooden with a mummy inside, and the other stone, formed part of the discovery. Officials have hailed the wooden sarcophagus, which dates to the Ptolemaic period (323-30 BC), as the best preserved, Read More

Egypt will build a paper pyramid made up of messages expressing support for its bid to host the football World Cup in 2010, Sports and Youth Minister Ali el din Helal said. The pyramid will be unveiled on April 30 near the three renowned Pyramids of Giza, just south of Cairo, Helal told a, Read More

Egypt’s mission to retrieve its stolen antiquities have so far resulted to the turning up of about 500 smuggled artifacts, according the Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA). Cairo received, in mid-March, three stolen pieces found in the possession of two New Yorkers-one a convicted antiques dealer and the other s former college professor.

BASLE, Switzerland’s Antikmuseum will host Egypt’s extravagant exposition called “Egypt– the Golden Era” from April 7 to October 3.  The exhibition will display antiquities dating back to the 18th Dynasty, and 131 relics representing various dynasties. “The exhibition is the subject of a show that has never been seen before and will never happen, Read More

Three important archeological sites open in Luxor The tomb of King Ramses VI is open again after completing the restoration works in association with the US mission. The Funerary Temple of King Seti I in the West Bank of Luxor is also reopened after renovating it and preparing it for tourists’ visits. The third, Read More

Archaeologists from UCLA and the University of Delaware have unearthed the most extensive remains to date from sea trade between India and Egypt during the Roman Empire, adding to mounting evidence that spices and other exotic cargo traveled into Europe over sea as well as land.

“Egypt ranks number one for Turkish tourists because of its temperate climate,” the Egyptian Ambassador to Turkey announced. Egypt was represented at the East Mediterranean Travel Fair in Istanbul, 26 – 28 February. “Local travel agents should target their promotion campaigns to North Mediterranean countries, where Egypt is considered a popular winter destination,” the, Read More

Luxor Will Become a Universal Museum Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim Soliman, Minister of Housing and Urban Communities, okayed the general planning of Luxor in the framework of the total city development project till 2022. The project aims at turning Luxor into an open world museum as well as assimilating the expected population increase. This is, Read More