Kutna Hora celebrates the 20th Anniversary as a member of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites Association. Kutna Hora, located just 1 hour east of Prague holds a series of cultural events this spring to celebrate the 20th anniversary as the member of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites Association. One of the most important milestones in, Read More

Art is no longer limited to the confines of galleries and museums but is heading out into the streets. Proof of this can be found in Prague this summer. The city in the heart of Europe and now at the heart of the EU too has been transformed into a huge open air gallery, Read More

Holiday time is fast approaching and many parents are now giving thought as to how they can liven up their children’s holidays and create an unforgettable and educational experience. Many children, however, aware of their parent’s intentions are also thinking of ways to avoid holidays thought up by parents all too often consisting of, Read More

Czech wine-making began with the Czech king Charles IV, whose memory is honoured to this day when Czech wines win top prizes at European and World competitions. Every September this exceptional beverage is celebrated in all our winemaking areas. Our outstanding wine is available throughout the year, but in the autumn the wine-making areas, Read More

Hbc is proud to celebrate the entrance of the Czech Republic into the European Union on May 1st, 2004. From April 19th to May 15th, Hbc is commemorating the proclamation with commemorative window displays at the flagship Queen Street Bay store. “On behalf of Hbc, I am pleased to congratulate the new members, including, Read More

The sounds of Mozart drift from every corner of this fairy tale city, whose cobbled streets, Gothic spires, fanciful facades, and magnificent hilltop castle make it the ideal setting for one of Europe’s most illustrious music festivals. Music and Markets presents its first offering in 2004—a seven-day music-lovers visit to the Prague Spring Festival, Read More

After twelve years, World Ice Hockey Championship is returning to the Czech Republic – to the country with an ice hockey heart. In Prague and Ostrava, the 16 best teams of the planet are going to be contesting the medals from 24th April to 9th May. The Czech ice hockey players are dreaming of, Read More

Tourism in Europe faces a significant shift of focus eastwards from May when a swathe of former Communist block countries joins the European Union. The travel industry is gearing up for an expected surge of interest in  travel to former parts of the Hapsburg’s Austro Hungarian Empire as the borders come down in Poland,, Read More

To coincide with the much-talked-about release of the movie “Chasing Liberty,” in which the daughter of the President of the United States lobbies her father to let her travel freely in Prague, the Aria Hotel, Prague’s newest luxury hotel, has unveiled a Chasing Liberty package. Guests are invited to bring a teenager or escape, Read More

The Czech Republic, the birthplace of Jaromír Jágr, Milan Hejduk, Robert Lang and many more world class ice hockey players, will host the 2004 World Ice Hockey Championship from April 24 to May 9. The World Championship is coming back to Prague after twelve long years. In our country the last hockey feast of, Read More